Many of our face and body designs are born from the tip of a pencil and a sketch pad. We sketch and re-sketch each design until our unique vision is fulfilled and then we move on to the pastel and ink stages of design. Once we are satisfied with the paper versions of our designs, we move on to a more three dimensional medium and the dimensions of our designs are carefully practiced on Styrene masks and, of course, ourselves.

           Each of the designs offered on our webpage have gone through multiple stages of reworking and practice, so that we can offer designs that we guarantee our customers will fully appreciate and enjoy. Though we take great pride in the time and quality we put into our preparations, we are also master improvisers and can create spur of the moment designs that are of the same quality as all our other designs. Just let us know what you want, and we will help bring your vision to life.

A Note on Custom Designs
            We at Colors of a Dream know that some events, such as weddings and sweet sixteens, require a unique and special touch that is all your own. That’s where our custom face and body designs come in. Give us the details on your amazing vision and we will create custom one of a kind designs exclusively for you and your guests. We will create and revise the design as many times as you wish until we are sure you are satisfied with the final result. For more information on custom face and body painting please use the contact form above or call us at (602)574-5241

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