We are sorry for the inconvenience, but for the safety of our other customers as well as ourselves, we cannot paint on children and adults who have or are suspected of having a fever, runny nose, rash, open wounds, blisters, sores, ringworm, or any other contagious illnesses or infectious skin conditions. Though conditions such as eczema are not infectious, we will not paint over affected skin due to the possibility of aggravating the existing condition. 

      While Snazarro, Wolfe FX, and Mehron Paradise face paints are of the industry's highest safety and quality standards, used by professionals throughout the world, and made using FDA compliant materials, as with all cosmetics, there is a very slight possibility of developing an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the paints. Therefore, if you feel you or your child might be susceptible to a reaction, please inform the artist before being painted and we will refrain from painting you or your child. If requested, we are more than happy to do a patch test to determine if a reaction might occur or restrict our painting to areas that are less susceptible to reactions such as arms and hands.

      Because all face and body paint brands are waterbased, they will wash off with soap and water. However, some colors may stain the skin temporarily. To remove stains, rub softly with baby wipes and lotion, and gently wash with soap and water a second time. If stain remains, let skin rest for a few minutes, and repeat process.